Karanog Online

Dear Colleagues,
The following may be of interest to you:

The SFDAS is pleased to announce that all of the volumes of Karanog are now available on our website: SFDAS – Karanog

Vincent Francigny



Cahiers de l’École du Louvre Numéro 9: Naga

Dear Colleagues,
The following publication concerning Naga, may be of interest to you.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la mise en ligne du dernier numéro des Cahiers de l’École du Louvre, dans lequel vous pourrez retrouver l’article « Naga, ville royale ».

Il est disponible à cette adresse : http://cel.revues.org/.

Judith et Françoise

Judith Bargues
École du Louvre
Service des Éditions et colloques

Dotawo, volume 3

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 3 (Know-Hows and Techniques in Ancient Sudan) of Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies, under the guest editorship of Marc Maillot.

Volume 3 can be found online in PDF form at http://digitalcommons.fairfield.edu/djns/vol3/iss1/.

It is also available in print form via punctum books at https://punctumbooks.com/titles/dotawo-volume-3-2016/, where the higher than usual cost is due to the high-quality color images we have included to accompany so many of the articles.

We are excited about the quality of this volume and hope that you will distribute news of its publication widely.

 Our thanks,

 Giovanni Ruffini & Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Editors-in-Chief

Report of the Italian Archaeological Expedition to the Eastern Sudan

Dear Colleagues,

The following may be of interest to you:

A short report of the 2015 field season of the Italian Archaeological Expedition to the Eastern Sudan is now available online at: http://www.unior.it/userfiles/workarea_231/file/NL7/Notiziario%202015/005_Manzo.pdf.

Thank you.

Publication on the Neolithic cemetery at Ghaba

Dear Colleagues

The Section Française de la direction des antiquités du Soudan is pleased to announce the publication of the monograph “Ghaba. An early Neolithic cemetery in Central Sudan” edited by S. Salvatori, D. Usai & Y. Lecointe.

The monograph includes two volumes, a first one devoted to analysis of the material and the overall context, and a second one the catalogue of all graves.

It is available at the SFDAS and on the site of Africa Magna Verlag:

Sincerely yours,

Vincent Francigny
Director SFDAS

Nubian Voices II: New Texts and Studies on Christian Nubian Culture

Dear Colleagues,
The Raphael Taubenschlag Foundation is pleased to present a brand new book for all interested in Christian Nubia and beyond:

Adam Lajtar, Grzegorz Ochala, Jacques van der Vliet (edd.), Nubian Voices II: New Texts and Studies on Christian Nubian Culture [= JJP Supplement 27], Warsaw 2015. Hard cover, ISBN 978-83-938425-7-5, 360 pp. (http://www.taubenschlagfoundation.org/ksiazki/jjp_s_27.html).

Click to view the Table of Contents


Orders should be directed to Mr. Andrzej Mirończuk, secretary of the Foundation at a.mironczuk@uw.edu.pl.

All members and friends of ISNS are entitled to 30% of discount and free shipment until the end of February – in order to obtain it, please add ‘ISNS’ in the title of the e-mail.

A short guide to the ancient site of Naga (Sudan)

Dear Colleagues,

The archaeological mission to Naga is please to announce that the new guide to Naga is now available online and can be downloaded as a free PDF here: http://naga-project.com/de/2016/01/.

Dr. Julie Anderson
Honorary Secretary ISNS