The Naga Project

The Naga Project has a new web site, which is today’s featured link. The site is available in German as well as English.

An excerpt from the website:
As a secondary royal residence for the kings and queens of Meroe, Naga was a city of splendour. Three of its temples have survived intact through the millennia, ten further temples and palaces, concealed under huge mounds of rubble, await excavation along with the vast necropolis with its hundreds of graves.

Call for contributions (Cahiers de la céramique égyptienne)

Attached please find a call for contributions (appel à contributions) to ‘Egyptian Pottery in Ancient Sudan: Imports, Imitations and Influences’. Publication is planned in the series Cahiers de la Céramique Égyptienne edited by Sylvie Marchand.

Please see the attached files (blue links above) for further information and contact details concerning this project.

The Mahas Survey Project

The Society will feature web links to archaeological projects at various sites in Sudan as entries on its blog.  These links will also be added to the new Links page (available from the menu).  Links to relevant scholarly journals and associations will also be featured.
Dig directors are encouraged to submit their websites and blogs for consideration. Please contact the ISNS Honorary Secretary or the ISNS webmaster by e-mail.

Today’s featured archaeological project: The Mahas Survey Project