Conditions of membership

The Society normally holds an international conference every four years. New members to the Society shall be elected at a General Meeting held at each conference on the proposal of two members of the Society. Membership shall be for life. Membership may be terminated by a member who shall declare in writing their intention to resign from the Society.
(after: The International Society for Nubian Studies, Articles of Association, revised September 1990)

Aims of the Society

The Society shall encourage and promote Nubian Studies on an international basis:
A. In excavation work and in the fields of archaeology, art, history, topography, ethnology, anthropology, linguistic and related studies;
B. By obtaining and distributing information concerning new discoveries, work in progress, completed studies and current exhibitions about Nubia;
C. By encouraging the preservation of the cultural, artistic and linguistic heritage of the Nubian people;
D. By bringing to the attention of younger scholars the wide range of Nubian Studies; and
E. By holding international symposia and promoting the giving of public lectures on Nubia.


Privacy Policy
The Society is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Personal data held by the Society is used exclusively by the Society to communicate with you via email. All correspondence relates to matters of interest to those who are Members, colleagues or friends of the Society. The Society does not conduct financial transactions and does not share your data with any third parties.