Origins and Afterlives of Kush Conference

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Dear Colleagues,

The call for papers is open through early June for the upcoming Conference, Origins and Afterlives of Kush, to be held at the University of California at Santa Barbara from July 25thto July 27th, 2019, sponsored by the Department of Anthropology.

The origin of the second Kingdom of Kush (c. 850 BCE to 350 CE) has been the subject of much discussion and debate over the years. The kingdom that arose at Napata lasted over a thousand years, evolving over time and shifting its primary capital south to Meroe in c. 300 BCE, continuing to influence the polities that emerged after the kingdom broke apart in c. 350 CE. One of the kingdom’s legacies continues on today as an early example of an African state, allowing for an exploration of theoretical questions surrounding state formation, religion and ideology, political economy, identity and intercultural interaction. At the same time, the Kingdom of Kush has played an important and controversial role in the development of Black Studies, the discourse of Afrocentrism, and a consideration of the asymmetries in the racial discourse surrounding Egypt in particular and Africa more generally in both their historical and contemporary incarnations. Please submit a title and abstract by June 1, 2019, to

I hope to welcome those of you interested in the topic in Santa Barbara this summer! Online reservations are available for campus lodging and online conference registration is coming soon. Please see the attached announcement for more details and check the following web site for updates and links:

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Archäologie im Sudan, vol. 1: Naga – Skulptur

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The first volume in a new series ArS – Archäologie im Sudan“ – „Archéologie au Soudan“ – „Archaeology in the Sudan“ is now available.  It is entitled Naga – Skulptur, by Dietrich Wildung. The series editor is Sylvia Schoske.